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Hidden Cameras Expose Real Women

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There are a lot of sites out there that claim to use hidden cameras, but it’s really obvious that everything is set up and staged. I have to say though, is pretty convincing. These are definitely not pornstars and there are no sudden outbursts of lesbian lust or women who just so happen to have an arsenal of sex toys with them.

The site is run by a totally unethical couple who put their excitement above the privacy of unsuspecting every day women. The wife hides cameras in public locker rooms and fitting rooms so that she and her husband can watch it all later and then post it online. The public shower shots are especially enjoyable.

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I feel like I should hate myself for watching these videos. I actually feel really guilty for it. Yet that doesn’t stop me. I still watch, get hard, and jerk off. It’s thrilling to see this secret side of women’s lives that I am otherwise not privy to.

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