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Plump Outdoor Exhibitionists

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Hmmmm, take a look at this full figured girl playing with her pussy outside. I’d love to help her out. A picnic for one seems such a waste with someone so horny and such a sweet set of tits.

It takes me back to my much younger days when you still lived under your parent’ roof so taking her back to your place was just not an option.

A group of us teens, I’d say horny teens but that would be sating the obvious; met at a lake where we had a BBQ, great conversation and a couple of beers. We really did not have all that much of an alcohol tolerance yet and a handful of beers would be enough to ease up on the inhibitions.

It was when this full chested girls asked me to come keep an eye out for her since she needed to urinate behind a tree in the distance that the real fun started.

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